Rather than continue to charge an annual membership fee, MOPS CE meetings will be modeled after ATPO and IJCAHPO, with a "per meeting" charge. 

- Educational meeting information will continue to be detailed on our "Meetings" page

- We offer online registration: click HERE to complete the simple RSVP form (specifying cut-off dates) starting 6 weeks prior to meetings. By using the online RSVP form, you agree to the "IMPORTANT REGISTRATION DETAILS" (regarding underpayment, cancellations, and incomplete RSVPs) below.

Our CECs are only $12.50/hour during on-time registration!!
Light refreshements
Network with your peers
Interaction/Q&A with speakers
Meet industry reps
Support local vendors
Door prizes


ON TIME - the first four weeks of registration: $50
LATE - the fifth week of registration: $75
NO RSVPS - the week immediately prior to the meeting
ON SITE - $90

STUDENTS enrolled in a “MOPS-recognized” program at the time of our meetings are invited to attend at no charge if they register "on time" (or $10 if “late”, $25 “on site”). The current academic programs for allied health personnel in ophthalmology recognized by the MOPS Board are those offered by Henry Ford College, Mercy College of Ohio, and the University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center. (This does not apply to "occasional class" students or home study students.) Program Directors will provide a student roster to the Registration Secretary and students will RSVP using the link above with their payment (based on registration schedule above). 

Our system is date/time stamped--any fees due are paid online with a credit card at the time you RSVP and we monitor this activity.

If you register during the "late" period but choose "on-time" and pay the incorrect/lower rate, MOPS willl email you regarding the underpayment. You'll be asked to re-register online and pay the correct amount and we'll issue a refund check for your first payment at the meeting. If you don't correctly re-register online during the "late" period with the proper payment and you attend the meeting, it will be considered on-site registration and the balance will be collected that day (cash or check only). If you elect to cancel your registration instead, the "Cancellations" information below will apply.

CANCELLATIONS: MOPS will retain $10 for cancellations up to 1 week prior to each meeting; after that, fees are non-refundable. Cancellation requests will be reviewed by the Registration Secretary on the day of the meeting and the Treasurer will mail a check to those who are eligible for a partial refund.

INCOMPLETE RSVPS: A confirmation email is automatically generated even if someone bypasses paying applicable fees during registration. Such incomplete RSVPs (without proper payment) won't be recognized by MOPS. Anyone attempting this will have to register onsite--full payment (cash or check) will be due at the meeting.