Upcoming MOPS meetings:

The MOPS Board values the health and well-being of our meeting attendees, speakers, hosts/support personnel, sponsors, vendors, caterers, etc. 

The MOPS Board will continue to monitor the situation and will schedule our next CE meeting when we feel it’s appropriate, based on recommendations from reliable medical sources and government guidelines. Please refer to the MOPS website (www.eyemops.org) for updates - we look forward to seeing you later this year!


**Stayed tuned for future Allied Health Courses through Kellogg Eye Center

All MOPS meetings are submitted to IJCAHPO for consideration of Continuing Education Credits (CECs). MOPS courses are not sponsored by IJCAHPO, only reviewed for compliance with IJCAHPO standards and criteria and awarded continuing education credit accordingly; therefore, IJCAHPO cannot predict the effectiveness of the programs or assure their quality in substance and presentation.    

Per IJCAHPO Policies: Attendance is monitored for each hour of instruction. Credit for a course hour will be denied to individuals who miss more than 15 minutes of that hour. 

NEW IN 2017: CEC forms will be emailed to attendees approximately two weeks after meetings. Please contact the MOPS Secretary if you haven't received your form within one month. It is your responsibility to maintain an electronic and/or print copy for your records. A fee will be assessed if you require that MOPS verify past meeting attendance and issue a replacement.

PAST MEETINGS (each offering 4.0 IJCAHPO Group A CECs, unless otherwise noted) 

Henry Ford College 9/21/19 "Intraocular Lenses: Past, Present, and Future", Dr Julie Reno; " Surgical Approaches to Glaucoma",  Dr Gregory Katz; "Ocular Oncology -What to look for in our patients", Dr Hakan Demirci; "Iris Repairs- Look better see better",  Dr John Hart.

Henry Ford College 4/27/19 "Infection Prevention in Ophthalmology Clinics", C.J. Pollack-Rundle, COMT; "Overview of MIGS (Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery)" Shivani Shashi Kamat, M.D.; "Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosis and Treatment", Phillip Lieu, M.D.;"SLTs (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasties) and glaucoma", Bennett Romanoff, M.D.; "In the Blink of an Eye", Shannon S Joseph, M.D.

Henry Ford College 9/29/18 "Ophthalmic Genetics: What we do and Why we do it", Dana Schlegel AB,MA,MPH; "Evaluation and Management of Double Vision",  Wayne Cornblath, M.D.; Ocular Trauma, Stanley Tao, M.D.; "Leader Dog Introduction", Toni Venditti, C.O.T.

Henry Ford College 4/21/18 "Diagnosis & Management of Malpositioned IOLs" Dr John C Hart, Jr, "The Evaluation of Diabetic Retinopathy & Macular Degeneration with OCT for Technicians" Dr Michael D Ober,  "Finding Your Inner Child--Tips for Pediatric Exams" Jennifer Wilson, COMT, Emily Remick, COT, Susie Perzyk, COA, & Mary Cyccone, COT, "Orthoptist Assessment & Management of Pediatric & Adult Strabismus Patients" Anthony Yamarino, CO

Expo Center-Birch Run 10/14/17 ”Intraocular Lenses, Then and Now“ Dr Daryl Zelenak, “Optical Coherence Tomography” Timothy Costello, COA, “Humphrey Visual Fields: No Pain No Gain“ Carol Pollack-Rundle, COMT, “Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery Update“ Dr Manjool Shah Henry Ford College-Dearborn 4/22/17 "Conquering the Complex Cataract" Dr John C Hart, Jr, "Grand Rounds of Ocular Prosthetics" Greg Dootz, AAS, TechBowl XX

Henry Ford College-Dearborn 11/12/16 "Current Trends in Micro Invasive Glaucoma Surgery" Dr Michael Siegel, "Treatment of Orbital Disorders" Dr Alon Kahana, TechBowl XIX Henry Ford College-Dearborn 3/19/16 "Safety, Whose Job Is It?", "Telephone Triage", "Which Is Worse?!", "Ophthalmology Paleontology" Dianna Graves, COMT

Weber's Inn-Ann Arbor 10/3/15 "Ocular War Injuries" Matthew Parker, COT, PhD, MMSc, OSC; "The Surgical Rehabilitation of the Thyroid Eye Disease Patient" Dr César A. Briceño; "Lights On or Lights Off” Matthew Parker, COT, PhD, MMSc, OSC; "Retina Update 2015: Role of the Ophthalmic Technician on the Retina Team" Dr Mandar Joshi 7th Annual Detroit Regional Ophthalmology Interchange-Detroit 10/17/15 (Bonus Mtg) Ophthalmology Pearls: Anterior Segment Mercy College of Ohio & The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio-Toledo 4/25/15 (Bonus Mtg) "How To Apply For A Guide Dog" Steve Hoyt; "Humphrey Visual Fields - No Pain, No Gain" Carol Pollack-Rundle, BS, COMT; “Safety & Mobility For Individuals With Visual Impairments" Emily Murphy OTD, OTR/L & Katie Fisher, COMS; “The Role Of The Ophthalmic Technician In The Evaluation & Management Of Patients In The Retina Clinic” Dr Nicholas Leonardy Henry Ford College-Dearborn 3/28/15 "Evaluation and Surgical Planning for a Secondary IOL" Dr Jonathon Greene; "Fundamentals of Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM) Imaging: A Practical Approach for the Technician" Dr M. Bernadete Ayres, CDOS & Tanya McClendon, COA, CDOS; TechBowl XVIII - congratulations to the winners! 1st place: Tracy Utley and Karen Ross; 2nd place: Erin Walterscheid and Nichola Bachu; 3rd place: Rose Krockta and Caitlin Goode

DoubleTree Hotel-Bay City 10/4/14 
"The Power of One"; "Technicians & Pupils: Sorting Through The 'Ups' and 'Downs' "; "That Machine is Broken"; "Scary Tech" Dianna Graves, COMT, BS ED 6th Annual Detroit Regional Ophthalmology Interchange–Royal Oak 6/21/14 (Bonus Mtg) Topics in Pediatric Ophthalmology 4.5 Group A CECs (Topics: Amblyopia & Strabismus; Congenital Cataracts; Craniofacial Malformations; Low-Vision & Rehabilitation Services; Orthoptic Tips & Tricks; Retinoblastoma; Retinopathy of Prematurity; Shaken Baby Syndrome Henry Ford Community College-Dearborn 3/29/14 "Inherited Retinal Degenerations-Is There Hope for Treatment?" Dr Naheed Khan; "Ocular Trauma" Dr Stanley Tao; TechBowl XVII

The Bavarian Inn Lodge-Frankenmuth 10/12/13 "Ultrasound Basics: Technique, Interpretation, & Case Studies" Alexis Cullen; "Artificial Vision - Will the Blind See Again?" Dr Philip Hessburg; "Clinical Efficiency With EHR Chart Documentation & Beyond" Kevin Sloan, COT; and "Genetics in Ophthalmology" Kari Branham Henry Ford Community College-Dearborn 3/23/13 "All About Eye Banks" Carrie Wolverton; "Clinical Application of Scleral Lenses" by Karen Deloss, OD; & TechBowl XVI. Tom Sullivan was once-again sponsored by Allergan, with much appreciation to Pam Naboychik for arranging! 

Weber's Inn-Ann Arbor 9/22/12 "Principles of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery" Dr Nesi-Eloff; "The History of Cataract Surgery" Dr John C. Hart, Jr; "The New Intravitreal Injections: Eylea and Ozurdex" Dr Stanley L. Tao; and "Lens Material & Design Update" Randall Smith, Opticianry Program Director, MS, ABOM, NCLEC Henry Ford Community College-Dearborn 3/17/12 "Anatomy Of An OCT Scan" Mark Croswell; "Vocational Rehabilitation For The Blind" Dan Furton; & TechBowl XV

These groups have donated door prizes and/or assisted with meeting fees:
Buzzy: DistrACTION® card ring
Regeneron (Brian Howard)
Tech-Optics International

We also thank Kathy Campbell, COT, OSA, Ophthalmic Technician Program Director, for her assistance and continued support of our meetings at Henry Ford College.  


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